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levitate egg sackiatoo

yeah okay thanks hp fandom

the burning candle uses up all the oxygen in the bottle, which creates and a vacuum, and the resulting suction makes the egg go nyooom.

Thank you science side

"Uses up all the oxygen"… Are you kidding me?

The flame heats the air in the beaker meaning the molecules gain energy and the pressure increases, causing them to move further apart and air to escape from the bottle. When the flame goes out the air cools again and the pressure inside the bottle becomes lesser than outside. This outside pressure is what pushes the egg into the bottle.

THATS science.

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This bitch has been in my foot for 12 years and finally decided to show it’s face… #glass

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one day this won’t make me laugh but today is not that day

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gender-inverse big bang theory with a bunch of smart girls who act condescending to their hot male neighbor

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French Drag Queen Dance Battles

Voguing is an urban dance inspired by model poses in the pages of Vogue, where dancers gather to compete in Voguing “battles.” Following its creation in 1980s New York, the movement has spread to France, thanks to the success of singers like Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce.

Paris-based Lasseindra is one of the main drag queen leaders of the movement. She started competing in dance battles and organizing competitions at a young age. She was quickly recruited by House of Ninja, one of the most famous Voguing collectives.

VICE met with Lasseindra to talk about being black, a drag queen, and a Voguing superstar.

Watch the documentary

FINALLY having our RuPaul season 6 premiere party. It’s been #coutorture

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My third grade teacher called my mother and said, ‘Ms. Cox, your son is going to end up in New Orleans in a dress if we don’t get him into therapy.’ And wouldn’t you know, just last week I spoke at Tulane University, and I wore a LOVELY green and black dress.

Laverne Cox, speaking at the University of Kentucky (via so-nyeo-shi-daze)

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we live in a saturated medium for this kind of stuff, but every once in a while one of them strikes a chord